Brow Lamination

Brow Lamination At Beach Hair & Beauty Salon In Hove, Brighton

If your eyebrows are looking a little sparse or have lost their colour and shape, let us introduce you to the incredible brow lamination service at Beach Hair & Beauty Salon in Hove.  This sensational new brow service is designed to give you beautiful feathery brows that look full and remain firmly in place!

To get an idea of the sort of look we can achieve with brow lamination, check out these three well-known beauties with their perfect brows!  Of course, you may have your own idea about how you want your eyebrows to be shaped and styled, so make sure you take advantage of our complimentary beauty consultation first.

Call our beauty team on 01273 734171 to book a consultation or appointment today.  Please note:  You may be required to pop in for a quick skin test 24 hours prior to your brow lamination treatment to test for any allergies or reactions to the products we use.

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Brow lamination is NOT the same as microblading.  Brow lamination works by adding colour and definition to your eyebrows, setting them in place for up to eight weeks (which means no more messing around the brow pencils and brow gels!)  Microblading is a type of 'tattooing' which works on the skin rather than the hairs, creating realistic-looking brow hairs.
No, brow lamination is completely pain-free and there are no after-effects or healing process.  This service coats your existing lashes with a 'laminating' solution which keeps the hair strands in place.
After a consultation to assess your brows and the look and shape you desire, your trained beauty therapist will brush a special lifting solution through your brow hairs to break down the bonds within the hairs, leaving them soft and malleable.  After approximately 20 minutes, your brows will be brushed into your chosen position and a second neutralising solution applied to keep the hairs in place.  The aim is to lift the brows slightly to give a fuller, more feathered effect. Your brows may then be tweezed or waxed to give you the perfect eyebrow look you desire.
Most clients are looking for fuller-looking eyebrows with a raised arch and extended 'tail'.  By fixing the brows in place, we can make your eyebrows look fuller and can even place individual hairs to fill gaps where you have lost brow hairs. 
Brow lamination can give sparse eyebrows the appearance of slightly fuller brows because your hairs can be moved to cover sparse areas. 
Eyebrow Shaping Tinting, Top Beauty Salon, Hove, Brighton Professional eyebrow shaping can give fantastic results and is usually carried out using wax and tweezers.  Your beauty therapist will discuss your requirements with you before delivering a beautifully shaped eyebrow.  You can enhance your perfectly shaped brow and add greater definition with a brow tint. If you have thin or sparse brows tinting is a great way to make your eyebrows look thicker and fuller. We can help you choose the right shade for your colouring before expertly applying the tint to your brows. While you're here, why not enhance your eyelashes with a lash tint? This effective treatment gives greater definition to your face making your eyes appear larger, brighter and less tired. The effect lasts for several weeks which means no more mascara! You’ll wake each morning with beautiful dark eyelashes and no ‘panda eyes’!  Find out more about our lash & brow services in Hove.